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Pay Your Club Dues With Your Credit Card!

Pay your dues conveniently here by using your preferred credit card of choice.  

By pressing the "Donate" button below, you are paying for one calendar quarter period's worth of dues.  The amount that will be charged to your credit card will be the amount you have entered into the box just to the left of the "Donate" Button. 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please click on the donate button below.  You will then be taken away from this page to the secure PayPal Shopping Cart for checkout.  Simply supply the requested information and pay for your dues. The amount you enter will be from the invoice you received via email.  We will then reconcile your credit card payment against your invoice.  When entering your credit card information, please ensure to enter the information specifically as it is shown on your card.  And also please make sure that the address and zip code you use matches the one on file at your credit card company; otherwise this transaction will be rejected.

IMPORTANT:  The receipt that you will receive via email is your receipt for this transaction and it is the only receipt you will receive. 

When reconciling your credit card statement, this transaction will be listed with the merchant name of "Rotary LKN Hun". 


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